When selecting a Mortgage Lender, make sure that the right questions are being asked of you. Usher Financial Group partners Andrew Usher and Kim Dodge discuss the importance of selecting the right mortgage lender when it comes to a Reverse Mortgage.  Kim understands the features of this unique loan. She explains what a homeowner should expect during an initial interview regarding a Reverse Mortgage. You will be more than surprised at what other loan officers just leave out.

Kim and Andrew remember a past client where a reverse mortgage was the right choice.  “The Reverse Mortgage enabled her to use her assets in most cost effective way for her life style choices.” recalls Kim.

How does a reverse mortgage conversation usually start?
Assess Goals
1.  increase cash flow?
2.  Replace income that may be going away?
3.  Augment income for needs due to cost increases?

“A lot of our clients want to simply use more of their assets to enjoy their retirement years” says Kim.  The Reverse Mortgage really does have a lot of features that, frankly, many people don’t understand”.  You need to talk to someone who specializes in this type of product.  “Don’t rely on a call center to answer your questions” advises Kim.  Call centers are not designed to ask questions on the clients lifestyle, goals, needs and existing finances.

Learn all the questions that need to be answered so you can make the right choices. ” Client’s often comment to me that I ask so many questions” says Kim.  A reverse mortgage is not for everyone. Not every loan option works for every one person. At Usher Financial Group we are able to evaluate ALL the options and help the clients make the right decisions – whether that is a forward mortgage or a reverse mortgage.

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Kim Dodge, nmls 186099 has over 8 years of experience as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Usher Financial Group.

Andrew Usher, NMLS 41721 Mortgage Consultant, with Usher Financial Group.

Usher Financial Group is a division of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation NMS 1850. A Reverse Mortgage is a loan that must be re-paid. Homeowner is responsible for taxes, home owners insurance, maintenance of home, HOA dues and must be a primary residence. Eligible non-borrowing spouse may be under 62 years old. These materials are not from HUD or FHA. This document was not approved by the Department or Government Agency.