August 2023

Jessica’s Retirement Safety Net


Jessica has a good pension to augment her social security. But when larger expenses arise, she’s concerned her retirement safety net isn’t strong enough… Jessica has enough income to cover regular expenses in retirement.  But, when larger, unplanned costs started to crop up, she became concerned that her retirement safety net was not quite strong [...]

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January 2023

Persistent Creative Home Search


A persistent creative home search team is invaluable when looking for a home closer to family in retirement.  Sharon faces some health issues.  That makes it harder to live so far from family.  While the rural community she lives in is lovely and she is very happy there, she [...]

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June 2022

Care for the Caregivers


With all of the things we do to take care of our loved ones, it’s important to have support!  And, confidence in your retirement finances helps.  For caregivers in retirement, a reverse mortgage helps takes away a huge worry. The Story:  David is a busy guy.  Sarah, his lovely wife, and an adult child are [...]

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November 2021

The Crisis in Long-Term Care Funding: Understanding Private Pay Alternatives


Mary called us about her Mom who needed to move to assisted living as she wasn’t safe at home anymore. We asked a lot of questions to determine the best option for her Mom. One of the questions we always ask is about his or her financial resources. Does She/he have savings or assets [...]

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Holiday Gifts for Seniors


This year the news is full of stories about the challenges with the supply chain. Container ships are lined up at ports to unload containers full of holiday presents, there’s a shortage of truckers to deliver the containers to stores, a shortage of staff at stores, the list goes on and on.  This is [...]

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May 2021

Don’t Wait to Choose an Assisted Living Community – Plan Now for the Future


Jane and Larry were in their mid-80’s. Jane’s health was pretty good although her memory wasn’t as sharp as it used to be. Larry had mobility challenges. His legs just didn’t have the strength for him to walk so he used a wheelchair to get around. Because he wasn’t very mobile, he counted on Jane [...]

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April 2021

Spring, A New Beginning


Moving to Independent Living is a Good Next Step Spring is a special time of year, daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms, they all are so fresh and new, just what we need after a cool, wet, grey winter.  A fresh start. As mentioned in a previous BLOG, spring is a good time to put your house [...]

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March 2021

How To Identify And Avoid Internet Scams


Written by Breanne Smith, Nerd Nest Media As long as the internet has been in existence, there has been some form of internet scams. Most of these scams are designed to target certain individuals, including our elderly community. The most common way people are scammed via the web is through [...]

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February 2021

Preparing Your Home For Sale


Written by Lisa Pelletier, The Move Makers You’ve found the perfect home, so now the pressure is on to sell the one you’re living in.  You know you have work to do to get it ready, but where do you begin?  The outside, for first impressions, or the inside, where the potential buyer needs to [...]

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December 2020

Art Therapy With Caretakers


by Sally Foster Rudolph  The daughter’s voice was quiet and her eyes were tearing up. She said heavily, “I just feel so overwhelmed.” She had been the caretaker for her aging father for 2 years. “I need something for myself too” she further explained.    It seemed she needed tools and experiences to help her cope [...]

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