Kim Dodge

It can be difficult for some seniors to get needed salon services. To Your Door Spa & Salon offers in-home salon services and health care. When a person becomes less mobile, it can be more difficult to get out of your home for a haircut, manicure or pedicure. Kathy Peper, owner of To Your Door Spa and Salon brings these services to the home of your loved one. And it’s not just about beauty, but health as well.

Personal care adds a significant quality to the lives of seniors. To Your Door Spa and Salon is a certified “Age Friendly” business and her services are vital for the lives and well-being for the seniors in our families.

One of the greatest benefits from the services she provides is that the client gets one on one attention. The technician is cleaning, caring, and massaging their hands or feet. The massage therapist works on areas of their body that feel stressed and aches from lack of movement. Furthermore, the therapist may detect any health signs that need specific medical attention, which otherwise, may have gone unnoticed.

Everyone understands how good it feels to have your hair cut and styled after having bedhead for a long time. Get back to feeling good and like yourself again.

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Kim Dodge has over 8 years of experience as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Usher Financial Group.

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