This question is one of the most frequently asked when I am initially consulting with a real estate client or prospective client.

In determining how best to serve the client, I ask the following:

  • Can you financially make the move before selling?
  • Can you afford supporting two households for any length of time?
  • How competitive will you be in pricing your current home for sale?

The time a home waits for a buyer varies with the market and the specific house. Some homes have challenges and some will take longer to find a buyer. Price and location will have the greatest impact on how fast the house will sell.

Having already moved out of the home and not being there for showings, means that your house will be shown more because the buyer’s agents do not have to schedule for a specific time. It also means that your life is not constantly interrupted by showings and then all of the inspections.

If you can move first, that is to your advantage. Houses show best when they are emptied of your possessions, freshened up as needed with new paint, flooring, counters and then professionally staged. Having a good realtor come in to advise is the first step. That realtor will bring with them resources of contractors, cleaners, and stagers to help you get the home ready for sale. With you, they will build a plan and work up a schedule. It is amazing the cost return of a few basics like paint and cleaning. Take a look at two examples of homes that were emptied, painted and cleaned. Each sold in less than 8 days on the market.