October 2020

Identifying Isolation & Loneliness in Seniors


In this time of social and physical distancing, staying emotionally connected with other people is more important than ever. This is especially true for older adults who are at higher risk for isolation and loneliness. Senior isolation was a troubling issue long before the pandemic, but it’s now a more glaring problem than ever. In [...]

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August 2020

How Seniors Are Living During the Pandemic


Mary moved into an independent living community in February 2020. She was excited to move as her husband had recently passed and she was lonely at home. She was also tired of the home upkeep and cooking for one so moving to an assisted living community was an answer to her prayers. She enjoyed three [...]

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June 2020

To Move or Not to Move… That is the Dilemma


I think its safe to say that right now is probably the worst time to try and move ones household or apartment.  Yet, homes were listed and plans to move prior to the pandemic were still moving forward.  One such situation was that of a woman named Constance, not only was she moving but she [...]

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May 2020

Senior Living During COVID-19


Is Covid-19 affecting senior communities? Does Covid-19 make this a bad time to move? The media is full of stories about the high number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths in “Nursing Homes”. It’s enough to make anybody postpone moving to senior living to detriment of seniors and their family caregivers. The situation isn’t as [...]

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April 2020

Home Instead Helps Seniors Out of Isolation


Home Instead West Portland/Lake Oswego helps seniors with local grocery delivery to their door Monday-through Friday during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Wendy Beyer, Business Development Manager, has pivoted into the role of taking grocery lists from seniors in their territory, shopping for them, and then hand-delivering within 24 hours during weekdays. They provide this service for [...]

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How Can We Help You…Help The Ones You Love?


As an example of how we can assist you with your real estate needs; here’s how we helped one family:  An elderly client had just been moved to a memory care facility by her family. We were able to help her out-of-state relatives prepare her home for sale by recommending contractors to them for [...]

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Leaving A Little Comfort Behind


Leaving a home you love after living there for many years can take an emotional toll.  Whether you’ve downsized to a smaller home, left for a job in another town, or moved after a loss of a loved one, the memories held there can be bittersweet, especially once the home is emptied of the things [...]

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Selling Real Estate During COVID-19


Selling real estate is one of the businesses that are continuing to operate during COVID-19. I can tell you, it is not business as usual. Sellers who have the choice to wait are doing so, and inventory is still very low. So especially in the lower priced homes, prices continue to rise. For people who [...]

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The Move Makers Stepped in for a Hurried Move


Most of our clients come to us well in advance of their moves, but sometimes circumstances are such that they need to be out of their homes much more quickly than anticipated.  That’s what happened with one lovely client in a very large home in Lake Oswego. Due to a faster than expected sale of her [...]

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March 2020

Finding Senior Living during COVID-19


What Do I Do Now???? John was in a rehabilitation facility after total knee replacement. Prior to the surgery he lived alone but was needing more and more help around the house. He was getting by, but barely. The knee surgery helped with his pain, but his family was concerned he wouldn’t be safe living [...]

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