Personal care is a critical need for seniors and the disabled. Services like hair care, nail care, and massage can have a significant impact on the overall well being of the elderly, yet many seniors don’t know that senior-focused personal care providers exist.

One reason for this may be the generational gap. During the Depression era, it was unthinkable for people to spend money on personal care, and as a result, many seniors have never received services like a manicure, pedicure, or massage. Additionally, with the onset of old age, many seniors find it difficult to take care of themselves as they formerly did. Recently, while at a care facility, I removed the socks of a client and found that the end of her big toe had a huge scab on it. I asked what happened and she replied, “I just couldn’t see it.” While trying to trim her nails she cut off the end of her big toe.

Many seniors don’t know that senior-focused personal care providers exist.

This type of accident is easily avoided by routine care from a trained professional. Monthly nail care helps to keep feet and hands healthy, and massage can also benefit seniors and the disabled immensely. Many seniors and the disabled spend a lot of time in bed, sitting in a chair, or using handicap support tools that put a strain on their back and shoulders. They can develop muscle stiffness and pain from not using their bodies. Massage can relieve the pockets of stiffness in the neck, back, and shoulders, and make it easier for seniors to participate in daily activities. For people with neuromyopathy diseases such as Parkinson’s, massage can give them much needed temporary relief from stiffness, and support them in their daily activities.

For most of us, personal care is an activity that we take for granted, but for people who cannot get to a salon or who are in so much pain due to muscle stiffness that they are unable to get out of bed, this personal care can significantly improve their quality of life.

Written by Kathy Peper, owner of To Your Door Salon and Spa, a business that provides mobile salon services to senior citizens. Reach her online by email via the contact page or call (503) 530-8888.