Selling real estate is one of the businesses that are continuing to operate during COVID-19. I can tell you, it is not business as usual. Sellers who have the choice to wait are doing so, and inventory is still very low. So especially in the lower priced homes, prices continue to rise. For people who need to buy and sell, agents like myself can help. We have systems in place to minimize our person to person contact and safety protocols to lower risk if we do need to meet. 

More work is being conducted via phone, face to face online meetings, and all of our signatures are done electronically. For those of you who do not feel tech savvy, let me walk you through the process and show you what is possible. It is always a good time to explore options even if you are years away from an actual move. This time may be perfect to explore what home improvement projects will bring the most return on your investment when you do sell. Give me a call, I would love to have a conversation.

Written by our member, Deb Wilkinson