Jessica’s Retirement Safety Net

Jessica has a good pension to augment her social security. But when larger expenses arise, she’s concerned her retirement safety net isn’t strong enough… Jessica has enough income to cover regular expenses in retirement.  But, when larger, unplanned costs started to crop up, she became concerned that her retirement safety net was not quite strong [...]

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Care for the Caregivers

With all of the things we do to take care of our loved ones, it’s important to have support!  And, confidence in your retirement finances helps.  For caregivers in retirement, a reverse mortgage helps takes away a huge worry. The Story:  David is a busy guy.  Sarah, his lovely wife, and an adult child are [...]

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Reverse Mortgage Success Stories

Radio show interview with Host Kim Dodge, NMLS 186099/1850 Reverse Mortgage Success Stories with Kim Dodge & Des Lenz, Director, American Pacific Reverse Mortgage Group.  Are you wondering how other retirees have used a  Reverse Mortgage? Listen to this podcast and hear some creative ways others have tapped into this unique financial tool. Contact [...]

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Senior Home Moving Company

Hire a Professional Moving Company that will take extra care and patience needed when moving a senior. Moving is often very stressful for anybody.  But when you’ve been in the same house for 30, 40 even 50 years, it is especially hard. Spencer Scott of Willamette Express talks to Kim Dodge about their unique services [...]

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Selecting the Right Mortgage Lender

When selecting a Mortgage Lender, make sure that the right questions are being asked of you. Usher Financial Group partners Andrew Usher and Kim Dodge discuss the importance of selecting the right mortgage lender when it comes to a Reverse Mortgage.  Kim understands the features of this unique loan. She explains what a homeowner should expect during [...]

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Mortgage Consumer Protections

There are protections in place to protect consumers when getting a reverse mortgage. The HUD Counseling is mandatory for people seeking reverse mortgages. “HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development and the counseling is in place to protect the consumer” Says Kim. In this interview Kim Dodge talks with her colleague Des Lenz, who is the Director [...]

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Reverse Mortgage – Important Questions

What should a homeowner expect from a COMPLETE CONVERSATION with a REVERSE MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER?  In this interview, Andrew Usher, Mortgage Consultant with Usher Financial Group joins Kim Dodge to discuss the important questions that need to be asked when considering a Reverse Mortgage.  You will be more than surprised at what should be discussed. [...]

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Eliminating Monthly Mortgage Payment Adds Life Quality

If you could eliminate your monthly mortgage payment, how would that change your quality of life?  A Reverse Mortgage and Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit can be used as a financial tool in your retirement years.  "One of the greatest challenges facing retirees today is generating enough income for everyday living expenses." Says Kim Dodge, [...]

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In Home Senior Salon Services

It can be difficult for some seniors to get needed salon services. To Your Door Spa & Salon offers in-home salon services and health care. When a person becomes less mobile, it can be more difficult to get out of your home for a haircut, manicure or pedicure. Kathy Peper, owner of To Your Door [...]

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